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Kasandra Gehrke

Pro Player & Founder of Empowher


KaSandra has a Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education with minors in Health and Adaptive PE. Even without a tennis or racket sports background, she took to the sport very quickly and decided to go pro in her first few years of playing. KaSandra ended up leaving Wisconsin Heights School District  to pursue her dream of becoming a pro pickleball player in 2018. In 2019 she was in the top 10 females in the country and is currently in the top 30 female players. She has won a few open National’s titles and received a bronze medal at US Open in 2019.

When KaSandra isn’t playing pickleball, she loves to spend time with her boyfriend Caleb and her golden retriever, Finley. KaSandra loves lifting weights, playing volleyball, hanging out with family, taking Finley to dog parks, and traveling the country with Caleb. 

Cristie Sharpsteen

Lead Coach & Coordinator


Cristie Sharpsteen -Senior Pro
Home Town: Kansas City, MO
PPR Certified Pickleball Instructor

Recent Accomplishments
Bronze Medal Senior Pro Women’s Doubles PPA Austin Open
Gold Medal US Open Mixed Doubles
Gold Medal Senior Pro Women’s Doubles PPA -KC Open
Gold Medal Senior Pro Mixed Doubles PPA -KC Open
Placed 5th in Senior Pro Women’s Doubles at Nationals

Teaching Strategy: The best of you is already in there, I’m just going to help you let her out.

Inspirational Quote: “If you’re not first, you’re last” - Ricky Bobby

Leslie White

Co-Owner of Wolverine Pickleball


Leslie is the co-owner and founder of Wolverine Pickleball, one of the first and most prestigious pickleball facilities in the country. Wolverine Pickleball is located in Ann Arbor, MI. Leslie went to University of Michigan and studied Wildlife Management. Leslie is also PPR certified and PCI Level 1 Certified. When Leslie isn’t playing or teaching pickleball, she loves to travel, do organic gardening, canning and preserving, and fermenting. She also loves to spend time with her husband, Cyril, and her daughters Regan, Sasha, and Nina. She also has two dogs Khaleesi (Lab) and Dilly (Jack Russell). Her favorite foods are crab legs, coffee, gummy candy, and any roasted veggie.

Kate Tully


Kate creates things. Leading her team at Kefi Pickleball (it's greek: "KAY-fee"), she has developed IQ Pickleball- the Vulcan sponsored teaching approach. She has also created Pickleball Burn, a variety of on-court activities that provide pickleball conditioning. She is also the founder of Picklebillyhoo, An exuberant celebration of the pickleball community and a lot of the things we love; a spectacle in the classic festival sense which debuts in Hot Springs, AR in September, 2023. And lastly, her greatest passion of all, the industry's first tri-level team pickleball organization, The Team Pickleball Association. She has a Master's Degree in Global Crime from Endinburgh's Law School. Her favorite food is ice cream and coffee. 

Lisa Frumhoff


Lisa is a certified teaching professioanl in St. Louis, MO. She has a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics, with a minor in Computer Science. She is a 2X Regional pickleball champion in mixed and singles. She's also a US Open medalist in mixed doubles. She's not only just great at pickleball, but she was an All-America Goal Keeper in 1984, a 2X Hall of Fame Inductee in 2002 as 1st women's soccer player goalkeeper. Her team was ranked 10th Nationally in 1994. In 1984, she received a gold medal in softball at the Gay Games. When Lisa found pickleball in 2017, it saved her life. She was able to lose over 75lbs and is now in the best shape of her life. She has one dog, Lena (Australian Shepard) and two cats, Lucy and Desi. When she's not on the pickleball court you can find her strength training, coaching others to transform their health and fitness, making clay drums called Udu Drums, hanging out with friends, and being active. Her favorite foods are watermelon, lactose free ice cream, leftover turkey from Thanksgiving and COFFEE (black and fresh roasted). Lisa was nicknamed "pickleball momma" by all of her amazing clients here in Missouri.

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