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Pickleball Instruction - Group Training for Women


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KaSandra Marie Pickleball - Testimonial

Sandra Scheuler


"KaSandra's clinic for 4.0+ was just what my game needed. I received great instruction, drills to do, and strategy advice. Plenty for me to focus on but not overloaded. Plus, with her follow-up instructions to refer to later, I can be sure not to forget anything. And it was a fun time! KaSandra's great!!!"

Karen Fielding


"KaSandra is a knowledgeable, skilled professional who is straightforward with her instruction. She's energetic, enjoys working with people and has a true passion for the sport. She continues to be a wonderful resource for our community providing lessons, clinics, and tournaments. She will definitely help you improve your game."

Alaina McCauley


"KaSandra is like the female Dr. Phil of pickleball. She shoots you straight to get you to where you want to be. The way she breaks things down make it easy to learn, apply, and grow your pickleball skills. If you're serious about wanting to improve your game and advance to the next level, you need to take advantage of her courses. Everything she does is well organized and will challenge you to be the best you can be. I especially appreciated learning from her as a beginner so I didn't create a bunch of bad habits from the start of my pickleball addiction. Regardless of what level you are now, she can teach you the necessary skills to get to the next level. Thanks, Kas for all you've done for me and for your encouragement."

Casey Parnell


"I recently took a private lesson, play with a pro, and a group clinic with KaSandra. She was easy to communicate with leading up to the day trying to schedule and arrange everything. It's not so often that a pro comes to our town, so I thought I'd get as much time with her as I could. Turns out that was a great decision! KaSandra not only taught me new skills, but helped me understand how to analyze what I'm doing wrong, make the correction, and practice new skills. Her instructions are very clear and on point. She went above and beyond by answering all of my questions. She was positive and encouraging, which is the type of coaching that I prefer. It hasn't even been a week since our clinic and our group is already playing at a new level. Overall, it was a ton of fun and I'd recommend that everyone takes a lesson with KaSandra!"

Maria Gobeil


"KaSandra came to our courts and gave instruction to 8 of us women and she was great! We all learned something form her to help improve our game and she made it fun as we all learned from her. She's very professional and knowledgeable regarding this sport and I would highly recommend her as an instructor to help you with your game."

Luci Keazer


"I highly recommend KaSandra after participating in an outstanding 4-person (5-star!) lesson in Lafayette, IN the day before our annual tournament. What an excellent pickleball instructor she is! Her background in education shines through. She engaged us in active, hands-on learning and improving our skills. She clearly and simply communicates fundamentals and strategies in a fun way that makes sense and is easy to remember and apply. My confidence was increased; she's very encouraging! I'm giving KaSandra some credit (plus my awesome partners) in enabling me to win my first two pickleball medals ever! Thank you so much, KaSandra!!!

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